Project No. 13 – Equipment for the secondary and boarding High School of Xin Cai, North Vietnam, Ha Giang province in the north of Vietnam

Status November  2017: On November 25, 2017, the team of the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) (Isabelle, Stephan and Rebecca Müller) visited again (at one’s own expense and not at the expense of the foundation) the Xin Cai Commune, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang Province in the north of Vietnam. Our two orphan girls Già Thị Chở and Lầu Thị Già (Project No 5) are now attending the only secondary school with boarding home there.

53 girls and 48 boys attend 6th grade

37 girls and 38 boys attend 7th grade

19 girls and 54 boys attend 8th grade

25 girls and 20 boys attend 9th grade


In total there are 294 children. On the occasion of our visit, the very caring teacher, Mr. Hoàng Ngọc Khánh, told us about the problems and urgent needs his school and the boarding home have. Winters are getting colder and colder and most children don’t have warm shoes and not enough warm clothes to change into. The Department of Foreign Affairs of this province already took action and provided a warm piece of clothing for each child in November 2017. But Ha Giang Province is still one of the poorest provinces of North Vietnam.

Status January 17, 2018: In this particularly hard winter, the situation for the 294 children of this commune has become very dire since Mid January 2018. They suffer from extreme cold. In the boarding house the girls sleep in “better” rooms = rooms that have doors. The boys have to sleep in worse rooms = rooms with broken or no doors. The ground is wet and cold, because of fog and rain getting in. The available, often thin blankets are barely enough. Two children share one bed. The mats are worn-out. Matrasses are not available. The boarding house and the school don’t have heating. And the hard winter doesn’t show any mercy.

We want to help!

Together with our Vietnamese partners (Department of Foreign Affairs, social Ministry and teaching staff) we have summed up what needs to be sponsored in order to help these children:

  • 160 pairs of shoes for boys
  • 160 x warm clothing for boys
  • 134 pairs of shoes for girls
  • 134 x warm clothing for girls
  • 132 winter blankets
  • 132 matrasses
  • 132 mats

According to the cost estimate of January 17, 2018, the total volume for all these goods is approx. 12,700.00 USD (or approx.10,580.00 €)

The LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) had an idea and composed 294 „Supply Packages“ costing 36.00€ each, according to an actual price proposal (1 package contains a warm piece of clothing, good shoes, winter blanket, mattress and mat). Each sponsor of a package will be mentioned by name (if desired) with the remark „Saving Angel for Project No. 13” on our Website in the categories „Sponsors“ and “Project No. 13” after receipt of the payment to LOAN Stiftung IBAN: DE24 6665 0085 0008 9550 00. If we find 294 donors, the whole project will be completely financed. Yes we can! 🙂

Become a “Saving Angel” – for one child or more!:)

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Next week the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) will wire the money for the 294 Packages in advance (Project No. 13, Total Budget € 10.584,00) in order to quickly relieve the distress of the children.

Please help us! Thank you very much! 🙂

Status February 03, 2018: This project is a small miracle and definitely shows us how important team spirit and daring are.

After its appeal on social media, the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) got a tremendous amount of positive feedback and responses. A few “Saving Angels” are still needed (Status February 05, 2018), but a large part of the project is now financed through donations.

Through pre-financing from the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung), it was possible to order the “packages” (warm jackets, shoes, mats, matrasses and winter blankets) quickly. Despite the very difficult conditions, our Vietnamese partners did an excellent job coordinating the logistics. Temperatures were freezing and it was rainy and windy. The truck drivers drove patiently and with good guardian angels at their side hundreds of kilometers (2 x 400 km) along the endless serpentines up to Xin Cai.

On the 2nd and 3rd of February 2018, all goods finally arrived at the secondary school in Xin Cai. With discipline and immense joy, they were given to the children in a festive act. Our picture gallery now has many more happy faces of children. See for yourself! 🙂

P.S.: Our Vietnamese Partners asked us to deliver this short message: “And please forward our billions of Thank You to all “Saving Angels of Loan Stiftung” whose faces we don´t know, but about which we know that they all helped us so generously!”

The entire team of the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) says Thank You, also in the name of the children in Xin Cai, to all sponsors who have helped us though their donations to successfully realize this project in this short amount of time!:)

The “Saving Engels” for one child or more (Project No. 13, after receipt of payment) are: 

Barbara Amhofer, Andrea Isabella Anzer-Licht, Petra Bähr, Oliver Basten und Christina Teles Da Cunha Basten, Yvonne Becker, Fiona Joan Beenker, Cornelia Bickel, Horst Bieser, Birgit Boersig, Waldemar Braun, Patric Breithaupt, Dr. Axel und Corinna Buchholz, Chiara Buchholz, Niklas Buchholz, Gerhard Manfred und Gudrun Cörper, Gerda und Wolfgang Deubzer, Cuong Dinh, Heike Discher, Michaela Doll-Lämmer, Thanh Khang Duong, Natascha Eisele, Britta Elstner, Lena Elstner, Tiziana Frazetta, F&S Gesellschaft für Dialogmarketing mbH, Burkhard und Christel Freyberg, Sabine Georgi Consulting, Maia und Rüdiger Golluecke, Jochen Gottschalk, Kristin Graf, Martina Gros, Ines und Mathias Gruendler, Johanna Hachtel, Heike Hartmann, Heinz Werner und Jutta Harzheim, Lea Harzheim, Susanne Heidler, Greet Hoppe-Simkens, Nicole Hornberger, Tobia Huber, Alexandra und Tobias Joch, Jovita Karau, Inge Kessler, Elke Kopf, Alina and Joachim Kunz, LandFrauenverein Untergröningen, Cornelia Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Christine Lenz, Vera Susanne Edith Liebergesell, Dieter und Petra Magin, Konstantin und Verena Magin, Margrit Maier, Kevin Mainusch, Petra Mangold, Gabriele Moser, Stefan Müller, Regina Mueller-Killi, Tien Truong Nguyen, Ninh Tran Thi Hang und Jay, Jörg Oberländer, Nicole Oberle, Vincent Oßwald, Inna Penner, Vesna Plecic, Lothar und Karin Pfrommer, Natalie und Stephen Pfrommer, Karina Pohl, Beatrix Posselt, Ilona Prokoph, Marion Reichle, reputatio AG Familie Riese, Birgit and Rolf Riebel, Martina Röhrle, Birgit Ruivo Branco Policarpo, Philipp Schäfer, Julia Schmidt-Dannert, Kathrin Schuette-Hauser, Freia Seifert, Valerie Sense, Heinz-Joachim Simon, Holger and Birgit Stahl, Tom Stecklum, Sabine Stütz, Natalie und Gerwin Tasche, Simone Tommerdich, Vuong Diem Phuong Ho, Margot Wicharz, Susanne Wunsch

Thank you to all our anonymous Sponsors!:)

Flying visit on May 11th, 2018: Our team visited the Xin Cai High School and reports with pictures in the gallery below.