our philosophy

The role of the LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung)

Who we are and where we help

Since Mai 09, 2016, the LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) is officially recognized as a legally responsible, non-profit foundation under the principles of civil law. Our team of volunteers is dedicated to make a self-determined future possible for children in remote areas, especially children of ethnic minorities.

As a turnover foundation and after a personal assessment, we can accept and realize respective projects, such as the construction of kindergartens, schools and boarding houses. We support the access to education personally, locally and on a regularly basis and make sure our projects are implemented in a sustainable way.

Choosing the projects

We evaluate every project carefully

Before we accept any project, it is important for us to gain an accurate picture of the current situation and framework conditions on-site in Vietnam. This is the only way for us to make well-founded and independent decisions. These are crucial for the successful implementation and sustainable care of our projects. The Vietnamese Government supports our foundation on the highest political level; the same holds true for the local welfare authorities that accompany and supervise our projects on-site.

We ensure a constructive collaboration of all parties involved and always demand a transparent cost calculation. That way, we can guarantee with a clear conscience that all funds are used exactly where they are needed. In addition, we aim to approve each completed project ourselves and keep long-term contact with all our project partners.

Foundation financing

Your donation reaches its destination

Donations from private parties and companies finance the projects of the LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung). Our work remains voluntary and free of charge, so that donations are entirely used to realize the projects. Your donations are, of course, tax-deductible in Germany. We would be delighted if you were to continue to provide us with moral and financial support for our foundation and projects. Should you have any questions regarding the LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) we are at your entire disposal. You can use our contact form or send your request via E-Mail. We look forward to be in contact with you. Many thanks in advance for your interest!

LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) in the north of Vietnam

The LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) stands for “global youth welfare for a better future”. Before accepting a project, it is important for us to have an accurate picture of the local situation and framework conditions. Our first visit at the beginning of December 2015 brought us to Ha Giang and Cao Bang provinces in the north of Vietnam.

The LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) helps children from ethnic minorities in remote areas lead independent lives. Since education is essential to this aim, we offer financial support with our focus on North Vietnam. This support makes it possible i. a. to build kindergartens, schools and sleeping quarters, and provide educational supplies.
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