Project No. 45 – Learning materials and equipment for 11 kindergartens (Tuyen Quang Province)

We have been in contact with Tuyen Quang Province since 2019. Last year, on September 6th, 2023, we handed over a new kitchen (Project No. 43), as well as books and knitwear to hundreds of children in Sinh Long (Na Hang District, Tuyen Quang Province). There are currently 64 children attending kindergarten in Sinh Long.

Na Hang is a northern highland district of Tuyen Quang Province, 110 km from the provincial center. The district borders with Bac Kan Province to the east, Tuyen Quang Province to the west and south, Ha Giang and Cao Bang Provinces to the north. It has a total area of 86,353.73 ha, of which 4,662.96 ha is agricultural land; forest area 75,149.03 ha; other lands 6,541.74 ha.
Na Hang district consists of 11 townships, 1 city and 114 villages with 10,662 households (47,879 people, including 9,339 ethnic minority households with 42,887 people accounting for 90%).
The district has 12 ethnic groups (Kinh, Tày, Cao Lan, Dao, Sán Dìu, Mông, Nùng, Hoa, Pu Péo, Thái, Mường and Thai). The poverty rate amounts 50.65. The rate of malnourished children under the age of 5 amounts 21%.ölker_Vietnams

The commune of Sinh Long, 62 km far from the center of the district, is having a particularly difficult time. 696 households and 3,237 people live there. The poverty rate amounts 90.09%. The per capita income is 33.36 million VND/person/year. Agricultural production is the main source of income. The percentage of ethnic minorities is 99.04%. The rainy season is from April to September.

During our last visit, we found out that, in addition to the main kindergarten in Sinh Long, 10 other kindergartens in the surrounding communes need a lot of learning materials and utensils to ensure that daily duties run smoothly. These include school materials, mats, blankets, water tanks, rice cookers, dishes, toys for indoor and outdoor use, etc.

An exact list was drawn up and initial price offers were obtained.

Accordingly, 275 children, divided into 11 kindergartens, need goods amounting approximately € 8,500.00 (including transportation costs)

List of kindergartens: Sinh Long (Main School), Phieng Thoc, Vang Loong, Na Tau, Nam Duong, Phieng Ngam, Ban La, Khuoi Phin, Phieng Phoc, Phieng Ten and Trung Phin.

As a turnover foundation, the LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) can provide help directly. We would like to carry out this project, but are dependent on every financial donation. We remain optimistic that we will be able to collect the necessary funds.

In cooperation and in continuous contact with our Vietnamese partners, we will as always supervise and guide this project personally and on site. We will report on the progress regularly.

We would be delighted if you were to provide us with moral and financial support in this endeavor. Thank you very much!

Status January,2024: We are pleased to have received financial support from Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw for this project. This project is therefore fully financed. We would like to thank this loyal sponsor! 🙂

The project will continue after the Tet holidays in Vietnam. Further price offers will be obtained at our request.

Status March, 2024: We have received and checked the final offer. We are now waiting for the MOU to be sent.

Status May, 2024: The authorities in Tuyen Quang are working slowly. Only now this project has been approved by the provincial leadership. This means that the children and the teachers will have to wait for further months and that we will not do the handover on site until the beginning of the next school year 2024-2025 (September 2024). We will of course keep you updated.