Project No. 25 – LOAN Stiftung Education Scholarship

Status May 2019

On May 13th, 2019 the LO-ANH Foundation team (LOAN Stiftung) (Isabelle Müller and Corinna Buchholz) visited again (at one’s own expense and not at the expense of the foundation) Ha Giang province in the north of Vietnam.

We visited the Ha Giang Ethnic Minority Boarding High School. Exactly 540 children go to this High School in Ha Giang city. The LO-ANH Foundation team (LOAN Stiftung team) was welcomed by some teachers and the school director, Mrs. Do Le Hang Thi, that were very curious about our visit.

Mrs. Do Le Hang Thi gave us detailed information about her school. This High School was founded in February, 1992 and is one of the best High Schools in Ha Giang province, beside the “Ha Giang Gifted High School”. Some particularly studious children and future high-school-graduates coming from poor conditions will soon have to pass the admission exam for university. Should they succeed, only 60% of them would be able to go to university. The remaining 40% could not afford it and would have to give up the dream of an academic career forever.

We wished to meet some of them personally. The ones we talked to on that day come from far districts of Ha Giang province (for example Bac Me or Hoang Su Phi). With passion they tell us in a very good English about their dreams: A boy wants to become an computer scientist, a girl wants to be a medical doctor, another girl wants to study tourism and business administration. In case they would succeed at university, they would like to go back to their districts and do something good, help to bring better and safer conditions of life in their communes. Too many times since they were little they had to experience closely the suffering of their fellowmen…

We can imagine which long way these kids already have achieved yet… Today they have very good grades, but in case the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) will not help, they will have to forget their dreams forever, to go back to their hamlets and help their parents (if they have some) in the fields or work as leased employees.

The LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) decides to help future high-school-graduates like these ones: Who comes from poor conditions, has good grades and wants to study but cannot afford it, should get some financial support from the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung). For the upcoming school-year 12 children from this school and one child from Ha Giang Gifted High school for Talented Students are suitable (in total 13 children).

For the upcoming school-year 2019-2020 the high-school-graduates will be able to apply for the “LOAN Stiftung Education Scholarship” after having passed successfully the admission exam at university. The financial support of the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) will amount minimum USD 300,00 per semester (admission fee of the university per semester) and maximum USD 850,00 per semester (admission fee of the university and – partly or fully – the accommodation costs per semester).

After each semester and until the end of the studies, the scholarship will be continued after revision of the situation of the students and according to the grades achieved. Each scholarship student should write a letter of commitment expressing the will to study arduously. If a scholarship students quits voluntary or in case of abuse, the scholarship student commits him/herself to pay back the scholarship already received.

We raise hopes: The children could realize theirs dreams. But we explain to them clearly from the beginning that they all will have to work continuously and arduously. From now on, their future is in theirs hands. They will have to give their best in order to achieve their goals. In August, 2019 we will receive the results of the admission exams. We hope that most of them will pass with flying colors!:)

Furthermore we are concerned about some 10th and 11th graders of this school, coming from poor conditions, having a very difficult familial situation and nevertheless writing excellent school grades (!). In total 11 children need some help in order to disburden their families and to pursue their academic careers (10th grade/6 children; 11th grade/5 children). For the upcoming school-year 2019-2020 these children should receive the “LOAN Stiftung Education Scholarship”. The financial support of the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) will be renewed each year after approval and amount maximum USD 300,00 (or approx. € 270,00) per year per child.

Budget needed for the high-school-graduates per year: approx. USD 22.100,00 (or  approx. € 19.910,00)

Budget needed for the 10th and 11th graders per year: approx. USD 3.300,00 (or approx. € 2.973,00)

Budget needed for all 24 children per year: approx.USD 25.400,00 (or approx. € 22.883,00)


For the financing of the scholarships, the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) is looking for sponsors.