Project No. 23 – Construction of a wall between kindergarten and primary school of Can Ty, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang Province in the north of Vietnam

The district of Quan Ba is 46 kilometers far from Ha Giang city and one of the 7 poorest districts of the province. It has a total land area of over 53443 ha and counts 11200 people coming from 16 different ethic minorities (H´Mong (60%), Dao (14%), Tay (9%) and others). The rate of poor households is over 54% and the rate of under 5-year-old children suffering from malnutrition still remains high with 34,34%.ölker_Vietnams

Quan Ba district is because of its poverty one of the most difficult and remote districts located at the north of Ha Giang province. The LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) Team visited it already last May 2018 in order to check some new projects and supported it spontaneously in July/August, 2018 (Can Ty and Lung Tam) after the historic flood in June, 2018 (see our Project No. 16).

On October 7th, 2018 the LO-ANH Foundation team (LOAN Stiftung, Isabelle Müller and Corinna Buchholz) visited again at one’s own expense and not at the expense of the foundation Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province in the north of Vietnam. We inspected Lung Tam and Can Ty in order to see the results of our Project No. 16. In Lung Tam the children love the outside playing tools for the playing grounds. The tables and chairs meet the expectations. In Can Ty the equipment fulfills the needs and facilitate the daily routine of the teachers and children a lot.

General information about Can Ty: Can Ty is 12 kilometers far from the center of the district and one of the most difficult communes of Quan Ba. It is next to Bat Dai Son, Na Khe, Lao Va Chai, Lung Tam, Dong Ha and Thanh Van. Can Ty has four hamlets located at low areas and 4 hamlets located at high areas. The total area of the commune is 4025 ha, under it only 370 ha of agricultural area. The communes has 996 households with 4834 people, all of them are from the H´Mong ethnic minority. The rate of poverty is very high with 62,35 %. The total income rate of one person per month is approximately € 31,00.

The Boarding Primary School of Can Ty was established 2002. Since parts of the school were old and downgraded, some pupils attended school by now in other locations (Commune Center or local people’s house). Though in recent years, with very few adequate means, the school gave its best to overcome all difficulties in order to successfully accomplish the tasks of education. This school usually has 15 classes = 320 children in total. 180 children stay during the week in the boarding facilities. Approximately 81% of the children are poor.

During our inspection in Can Ty on October 7th, 2018 we observed that the wall between the kindergarten and the primary school is still in ruins. The teachers are very afraid that more damage may occur, should a similar disaster happen again in the future. There would be no protection at all! There is no money for constructing a long, stable and thick wall with deep fundaments. With the contribution of volunteers from the commune and the teachers, the costs for this project could be lowered. We are talking about an estimated budget amounting USD 2.000,00.

We don´ t need long to think it over, because the security of the children in the kindergarten and the primary school has top priority. This wall must be constructed in order to give sufficient protection during an eventual flood disaster!

Construction of a strong, stable wall in Can Ty:

Overall funds needed: USD 2.000,00 or € 1.740,00

As a turnover foundation, the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) can provide help directly. We still are dependent on every financial donation.
In cooperation and in continuous contact with our Vietnamese partners, we will as always supervise and guide this project personally and on site. We will report on the progress regularly. We would be delighted if you were to provide us with moral and financial support in this endeavor. Thank you very much!

We say Thank You to all the direct and anonymous donors!:)


Status November, 2018: The LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) will finance this project in advance and look for sponsors.

Status December, 2018: Good news! The district of Can Ty can finance this project fully. We are happy and wish the commune all the best!:)