Project No. 11 – Construction of a new kindergarten at the holy tree of Co Tang, Xin Cai commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province in the north of Vietnam

Status June 2017: On June 22, 2017 the LO-ANH Foundation team (LOAN Stiftung) (Isabelle Müller, Corinna Buchholz and Werner Huemer) visited (at one’s own expense and not at the expense of the foundation) the village Co Tang, Xin Cai commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province in the north of Vietnam.

Xin Cai commune is located 32 kilometers away from the center of Meo Vac district. The economic development and education in this commune lag behind, due to its geographical location. In the North it borders Thuong Phung commune, in the South it lies next to Giang Chu Phin and Son Vi commune. China is its neighbor in the East (8.7 kilometers shared border). Pa Vi and Pai Lung commune are adjacent in the West.
Xin Cai commune is located at an altitude of 1200 meters and encompasses a total of 3,590.51 hectares. 2,211.3 hectares thereof are used for agriculture only, 1,200.93 hectares are forest (with 968.22 hectares of nature reserve) and 178.28 hectares are not cultivated. The steep slopes (average gradient 25%) made of limestone are hard to cultivate and the climate is harsh and dry. The cold season causes much damage due to freezing. Snowfall is not unusual here. The yearly mean temperature is 15.7 °C, the highest monthly temperature 19.7 °C and the coldest is 12.9 °C on average. The winter comes with dense fog and temperatures drop down to -6 °C. Erosion in the rain season, drought and water scarcity are consequences.
According to 2017 statistics, 902 households (5049 inhabitants) live in Xin Cai commune. 63.30% of all households are poor. The commune is composed of 9 ethnic minorities: H´Mong (70,18%), Dao, Lo Lo, Giay, Tay, Xuong, Nung, Hoa and Kinh ( Most of them live from agriculture (cultivation of corn, rice, soy, other crops and animal feeds), forestry and animal husbandry.

32 households live in Co Tang (169 inhabitants). Most of them belong to the Lo Lo Minority. The temporary kindergarten in Co Tang is used irregularly. In the 2016/2017 academic year, 30 children were registered at the kindergarten. The 2 to 6 year-old children from this village either have to attend a higher level class or go to other facilities further away (7 kilometers distance), to attend classes. For that reason, children often skip school. Because local classes are too crowded, good quality teaching can’t be guaranteed and the normal level of education in not achieved.
In an appropriate and generous environment, children could develop much better and would be able to strengthen their social competencies. They would have a regular access to education and enjoy the classes, as well as attending school. With at least an average or even superior level of education, the pupils would be able to keep up with other children of the same age coming from regions with a better standing. They could attend high school and increase their chances for a better future. In addition, these children would not have to travel on dangerous paths to school. With this new, permanent and local infrastructure, teachers could ensure quality classes. The families and consequently the whole community would also be relieved.
Together with our Vietnamese partners, we used plans and cost estimates to determine what is needed. Looking towards the future, the village of Co Tang is in need of the following:

1 x building (2 classrooms) (approx. 20,260.00 USD or approx. 18,935.00 €)

1 x kitchen (approx. 4,200.00 USD or approx. 3,925.00 €)

1 x sanitary facility with cistern, electrics (approx. 8,500.00 USD or approx. 7,940.00 €)

1 x equipment (desks etc. …) (approx. 1,170.00 USD or approx. 1,090.00 €)

Overall funds needed: approx. 34.130.00 USD (or approx. 31,900.00 €)

As a turnover foundation, the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) can provide help directly. We would like to carry out this project, but are dependent on every financial donation. We remain optimistic that we will be able to collect the necessary funds.

In cooperation and in continuous contact with our Vietnamese partners, we will as always supervise and guide this project personally and on site. We will report on the progress regularly.

We would be delighted if you were to provide us with moral and financial support in this endeavor. Thank you very much!

Status September 2017: On September 16, 2017 a two-person team of the LO-ANH foundation (LOAN Stiftung) (Isabelle Müller and Corinna Buchholz) visited (at one’s own expense and not at the expense of the foundation) the village of Co Tang. As already communicated to our Vietnamese partners, we are able to realize this project first, given the foundation’s current financial status. With great anticipation, the old and dilapidated building was torn down, even before our arrival. Before the end of this year the construction work for the new building will begin. We visited the construction site together with the architect and responsible authorities to gain a clear picture.

Status November 2017: On November 25, 2017 the team of the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) (Isabelle Müller, Rebecca Müller and Stephan Müller) travelled (at one’s own expense and not at the expense of the foundation) to Xin Cai, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, North Vietnam. The respective contract for Co Tang (Project No. 11) was signed, so that we can begin with the construction work in good time. However, some more donations are still required to realize the project completely. We remain optimistic that we will succeed and we will keep you updated.

Status January 2018: Since the middle of December 2017 the construction works have begun in Co Tang. Tons of stones have reached the site. With handcraft the fundaments were excavated and embedded with concrete. The hollow bricks are brought little by little by moped to the site. The first walls stand and we can already recognize the outline of the future building. The weather is very cold but some sunny days push the work on. Fortunately the number of donations is increasing.

Status February 2018: Inner walls and outer walls have been plastered. The path to the Kindergarten has been widened a bit and cleaned. Soon the “Tet-Holiday” will begin and most Vietnamese people will take a break. Accordingly the next report will then follow at the beginning of March 2018.

Status March 2018: Good progresses on the construction site of Co Tang after the New Year Holidays. The building shell of the kindergarten is finished. The roof is assembled and the floors are tiled. The path to the kindergarten has been more widened by hand. The construction of the sanitation has begun. This project is in the meantime fully financed through donations and should be completed on schedule in May, 2018.

The Rotary Club Achern-Bühl was able to generate € 8,500.00 from the sale of Advent calendars at the end of 2017. On March 2nd, 2018, the amount was officially handed over to the LOAN Foundation. The money will flow directly into this project one to one. We thank the Rotary Club Achern-Bühl, also on behalf of the children of North Vietnam!:)

Status May 2018: Good news reach us at the end of April, 2018: The kindergarten of Co Tang will definitely be finished on time!:) On May 11th, 2018 our team of the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung), (Isabelle Müller, Corinna Buchholz) visit Co Tang village (at one’s own expense and not at the expense of the foundation). Today the official Handover Ceremony will take place with a lovely program. The Lo Lo commune ist very happy about the occurring progress. Now the children of Co Tang finally have the Kindergarten of which their parents have been dreaming of so many years!:)

Status March, 2019: Short visit to Co Tang. On March 18th, 2019 the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) team (Isabelle Müller, Corinna Buchholz and Truc Pham) visits (at one’s own expenses and not at the expenses of the foundation) the commune of Xin Cai, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province. The kindergarten stands proudly in the landscape. It is very lovely decorated and is constantly in use.

Status October, 2019: Short visit to Co Tang on October 30th, 2019 (Project No. 11). The kindergarten is in good shape. The children, the families and the teachers are very happy!:)

Status April, 2021: The newest videos and pictures from Co Tang show motivated teachers and happy children during their daily school routine. We are happy!:)

Status September, 2021: The school in Co Tang has started again. We have received new pictures of the daily life of the students. The new Kindergarten is well used. We are happy!:)