Nothing in life should be taken for granted and when we are doing well, so should we give something back to society.” (Isabelle Müller)

Based on this thought, the long-lasting Project No. 35 called “∞ Love for the homeland” was born on January, 2021 (the sign “” means “Infinite“).

Up to 2021, the very symbolic project “∞ Love for the homeland” should incite all citizens of Vietnamese descent living in Germany to donate at least € 1,00 to the LOAN Stiftung and to share it with their friends. This donation counts as a sign of gratitude for having found a new or second homeland in Germany, where they are able to live better lives than the poorest children of Vietnam, and of course as a sign of solidarity to the land of their roots.

According to Wikipedia, about 188.000 citizens with Vietnamese roots live in Germany. Would each of them donate € 1,00 to LOAN Stiftung, our work would be supported significantly. A donation of € 10,00 to LOAN Stiftung from each of them would mean a continuation of our work for at least 10 years.

Each donor will be mentioned by name here below (if you do not want to be mentioned, please let us know when donating).

In memory of her mother Đậu Thị Cúc (1929-2003), a girl that named herself “Loan“ and that was not allowed to go to school in Vietnam because of her origin and her gender, it remains a big concern for the Eurasian Founder of the Foundation, Mrs. Isabelle Müller, to support ethnic minority children of the poorest Vietnamese regions and give them better conditions of living and learning, i.a. with construction projects.

As always, all administration costs will be paid by Mrs. Isabelle Müller personally, so that each donation will be used to 100%, without any deduction, for the charity projects.

We do hope that Project No. 35 “∞ Love for the homeland” will get popular in Germany and we thank you for your support in this matter!:)

Donation Bank Account of LOAN Stiftung:

Keyword “Project No. 35 – ∞ Love for the homeland”

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IBAN: DE24 6665 0085 0008 9550 00


Status April, 2021: Over € 10.000,00 donation amount came in. The money will be used for the construction of the boarding house in Che La, Xin Man district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam (Project No. 31, “Never sleeping again in the kitchen!”). At the beginning of the new school-year, over 160 children will have a safe accommodation.

Following persons donated for the Project No. 35 “∞ Love for the homeland”:

Anonyme Sponsoren, Andy Nguyen, Angie Kieu Anh Do, Anh Tu Truong, Anna Nguyen, Thuy Arndt, Bang Nguyen, Bao-Nhi Pham, Chung Ngan Phong, Cuong Ngo, Daniel Diwiki, Dao Duy Huy, Do Thi Hiang Ngan, Duc Than Phung, ESY (Easter Spirit Youth), Matthias Fischer, Simone Fischer, Gebetsgruppe Long Chua Thuong Xot, Ha Ho, David Hamacek, Hao Tho Nguyen, Hoa Thai, Charlotte Höft, Hue Tam Le, Huong Tran Thi Thu, Kevin Huynh, Louis Huynh, Teresa Huynh, Impulsteam, Ken Trinh, Khoa Bach Nguyen, Kim Nguyen, Alina Kunz, Lan TSeifert, Martina Lau, Lien Huong Nguyen, Lih Ni, Linh Tran, Minh Chien Do, Minh Ninh, Muoi Pham, Nga Nguyen, Ngoc Ha, Kathy Nguyen, Kiet Vu, Ngan Ha Nguyen, Ngoc Thang Nguyen, Ngoc Tinh Pham, Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien, Nhung Duong, Nhung Hoang, Nhung Rose Nguyen, Nhi-Phuc Hoang, Oanh Do Thi Kim, Ilias Pavlidis, Elisa Pham, Lisa Pham, Sally Pham, Phuc Tran, Phuong Le, Phuong Mai, Quang Hung Bui, Quang Vuong Minh, Quoc Minh Lieu, Quyen Nguyen, Nikica Radic, Familie Dr. Reik, Nicole Riese, Felix Rust, Jasmin Schmidt, Daniel Schneider, Sabine Schwandtner, Sin-Vay Patrick Lo, Boris Slatina, Peter Spendl, Tai Nguyen, Thai Hoang Luong, The-Duy Hoang, Thai Tran, Thanh Nhat Vu, Thao-My Bui, Thi Hang Nga Nghiem, Thi Ngoc An Nguyen Pham, Thi Phuong Lien Nguyen, Thi Phuong Mai, Tho Mai, Thuy Coi, Thuy Hang Ngo, Thuy Hoang Phuong Nguyen, Thuy-Tien Nguyen, TNCG, To Trinh, Tram-Anh Mai, Michel Tran, Tran Nguyen, Tran Truc Ngoc, Truong Hong Quang, Tuan Loc, Tuong Vi Nguyen, Van Hai Phuong, Van Nguyen, Domenik Wrobel, Xuan-Nhi Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Familie Vu, Yogawoman München