STATUS October 21st, 2020:

During the night of October 19th, 2020 a terrible flood (surpassing the historical flood of 1979) devastated some central regions of Viet Nam. The commune of Thach Dai in Ha Tinh (the home commune of Mother LOAN) was also hit severely.

On October 21st, 2020, the LOAN Stiftung started a call for donations. Each donation will be forwarded to 100% to a Kindergarten and a Primary School of this commune.

Mr. Thai Van Sinh (on the site) and our LOAN Stiftung member, Mrs. Bui Thu Huong,  are coordinating this project and keeping us informed. The exact lists of what is the most urgently needed by the children for a new start of the regular schooling will be sent to us after the buildings have been cleaned.

This call for donation is also on Facebook:

Who wants to donate, can gladly do it here, thank you!:):

LOAN Stiftung Bank Account for Donations:

Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw

IBAN:DE24 6665 0085 0008 9550 00


STATUS Oktober 26th, 2020: We receive regularly new pictures of Viet Nam. Over 650.000 Vietnamese helpers are helping the affected population in the flooded areas to clean. There are still people missing. In the meanwhile the water in Ha Tinh withdraws a little bit. The Kindergarten and the Primary School of Thach Dai can now start with cleaning. Everything that can be saved and used again is put on the side and must be dried. Now the list of the most urgently needed goods for our children is about to finished. Our call for donation is still running. We need approximatively € 10.000,00. Till today, we already achieved one third of this total amount thanks to our devoted supporters of LOAN Stiftung. Please keep on helping us to achieve our goal, thank you!:)

Status November 2nd, 2020: On October 31st, 2020 a second smaller flood occurred in Thach Dai. The school areas are again under water. Everything has to be cleaned and dried again. Despite the difficult situation, the LOAN Stiftung collects money for this project. Till today € 9.439,00 have been donated (directly or over Facebook). Still € 561,00 are needed. We are optimistic that we will get further donations for this project.

Status November 5th, 2020: Thanks to the donations coming in (wired directly or over Facebook) we have reached today (November 5th, 2020) the donation amount of € 9.894,00 of the total sum € 10.000,00!:) Thanks to all our donors and supporters!:)

Status November 13th, 2020: Thanks to the donations coming in (wired directly or over Facebook) we have exceeded today (November 13th, 2020) the donation amount of € 10.000,00 and reached the total sum of  € 11.335,00!:) Thanks to all our donors and supporters!:) The surplus will of course flow 100% into this project.

Status November 19th, 2020: Thanks to the donations coming in (wired directly or over Facebook) we have reached today (November 19th, 2020) the donation amount of € 11.440,00!:) Thanks to all our donors and supporters!:) The lists of the needed school materials are finally finished. In addition to them, scholarships and rice will be distributed to the children that suffered the most of the flood. The contract is being fixed. The supply of the goods is being organized.


Picture courtesy: i.a. vnexpress, vietnam net)