Project No. 27 – Construction of a boarding house in Khau Tinh, in the north of Vietnam

Status 09.09.2019: Na Hang is a northern, mountainous district of  Tuyen Quang province that includes 6 districts, 141 communes, 127 villages and one provincial city. The province had a population of 784.811 (status of April 1st, 2019), 22 ethnic groups living together, of which ethnic minorities account for 54%.

In total 52,39% Tay, 27,63% Dao, 10,61% Kinh, 8,03% Mong and 1,34 % of other minorities live in the district of Na Hang.ölker_Vietnams

In the past few years, the district has focussed on implementing more schools. But due to the difficult economic situation, many schools are still downgraded and provisory. Classrooms, teachers rooms and boarding houses are lacking, which makes the situation a challenge for the teachers and children concerning the quality of teaching and learning.

About 300 children live in Khau Tinh, which is one of the most difficult communes of Na Hang district. Because the way to school is long and dangerous, Khau Tinh primary and secondary school offers boarding rooms to the children, also for them to have more time to study. The remote, rural commune of Khau Tinh is one of the most extremely disadvantaged communes of the district, located about 100 km from the center of the district capital. Connecting traffic is a tragedy. 68,93% of the population have low income.

In Khau Tinh school 3 managers, 26 teachers and 1 staff are employed. In total 313 children go to school. There are 9 classes with 214 children. 126 children aged between 6 and 14 are boarding students, but only 88 of them can sleep there. The remaining 38 must walk back home (regular distance 6,5 kilometer one way) and therefore often quit school because there are no sleeping facilities.

At the moment 4 old classrooms and 4 provisory wooden barracks are used as boarding rooms. The teachers have 7 rooms and 10 provisory rooms.

Therefore the commune of Khau Tinh needs:

  • A boarding house with 10 rooms (12 children in each room), approx. USD 64.733,00 or approx. € 60.498,00
  • 10 teachers rooms, approx. USD 75.520,00 or approx. € 70.579,00
  • Sanitary facilities (2 x for men, 2 x for women), approx. USD 8.630,00 or approx. € 8.065,00
  • 2 x showers (for men and women), approx. USD 6.470,00 or approx. € 6.047,00
  • Gate and fence (420 meters), approx. USD 32.366,00 or approx. € 30.248,00

Overall funds needed: approx. USD 187.960,00 or approx. € 175.440,00

As a turnover foundation, the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) can provide help directly. We would like to carry out this project, but are dependent on every financial donation. We remain optimistic that we will be able to collect the necessary funds.

In cooperation and in continuous contact with our Vietnamese partners, we will as always supervise and guide this project personally and on site. We will report on the progress regularly.

We would be delighted if you were to provide us with moral and financial support in this endeavor. Thank you very much!

Status November, 2019: On November 09th, 2019 our team of four visits the primary and secondary school of Khau Tinh. After surveying the big site, we decide to request a new project calculation. In our opinion, the teachers rooms required in the proposal do not have first priority, but the boarding rooms for the children. Eventually, it would be cheaper to place the new boarding house on some available place of the site instead of destroying the many downgraded buildings. For sure, Khau Tinh needs help, but we need to plan correctly with the designed architect in charge. This is why we will check the new proposal again in the new year 2020.