Project No. 26 – School materials and equipment for 417 primary school children for the new school year 2019/2020.

On 14th August, 2019 we started a call for donations on Facebook. With the projected budget of € 3.000, we want to provide the poorest 220 children of Ban Dung (Bac Me district) and Minh Tan (Vi Xuyen district) in the Vietnamese province of Ha Giang for the new school year 2019/2020 useful plastic boots (220 pairs), jackets (60 pcs.), notebooks (2200 pcs.) and pens (1100 pcs.). For most of them it will be the first pair of shoes in life… Together we want to help these children to have a better life in improving their daily learning conditions.

Total budget: USD 3.278,00 or approximately € 3.007,00

Status 15th August, 2019: € 530,00

Status 31st August, 2019: € 540,00

Status September 9th, 2019: € 1.805,00
Status October 1st, 2019: Thanks to the donations, we will be able to handover the school materials and equipment to the 220 children of Ban Dung and Minh Tan during our next visit to Vietnam in October/November, 2019. Our deepest thanks to all our supporters!:) We will report…:)
Status Oktober 8th, 2019: +++Update+++We have augmented our sponsoring for 417 children of Ban Dung and Minh Tan instead of 220 children (for the same amount of money). We will bring to them in total following useful school equipment: Plastic boots (240 pairs), Jackets (60 pcs.), Notebooks (3970 pcs.) and Pens (1985 pcs.).
Status 19th November, 2019: Our team (Isabelle Müller and Corinna Buchholz) handed over successfully the school materials and equipment on November 4th, 2019 in Ban Dung and on November 07th, 2019 in Minh Tan. All children were very happy to receive useful gifts. We say Thank You to all our supporters that helped us making it possible!:)