Saturday, August 27, 2016 in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany. Mrs. Truong My Hoa, former Vice-President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and President of the Vu- A- Dinh Foundation welcomed me in the Villa Hanoi for an exchange of ideas. I handed over Mrs. Truong My Hoa a signed copy of “Lo-Anh – From a life of a Phoenix“ which she happily received. In return, Mrs. Truong My Hoa handed me documents regarding the Vu- A- Dinh Foundation of which she is the president. The Vu- A- Dinh Foundation has many similarities with the goals of the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung). Thus, we will certainly work together more closely in the future. Besides the heartfelt and fruitful exchange between us, this meeting was a great honor for me and the LO-ANH Foundation (LOAN Stiftung)!