Recent publications in the press about Isabelle Müller

“Vietnamese-French writer gives hope to ethnic minority children”

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Source: Viet Nam News

Date of publication: March 27th, 2022

Vietnamese-German writer turns pain into positivity

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Source: Viet Nam News

Date of publication: March 13th, 2022

The book „Loan – Aus dem Leben eines Phönix“ was the basis of a documentary film about the leading actress. Three episodes of 20 minutes each were shown on Vietnamese television in October, 2019. The according film of one hour was presented during a big premiere in the movie theater of Ha Tinh (the former village in which “Loan” grew up) to 700 people.

Download Film (Englisch Version):

Date of publication: October 25th, 2019

Interview from the magazine “Van Nge” on the occasion of the International Woman’s Day 2019:

Source: Magazine “Van Nge”

Date of publication: March 08th, 2019

“Loan – A female pioneer´s true story as education was not accessible for all”:—A-female-pioneers-true-story-as-education-was-not–accessible-for-all&id-bai-viet=3431664&pid=CmsHienThiBaiViet_WAR_cmsportlet_INSTANCE_Ui9vxs95kvTY&reCall=1

Source: Vietnamese German University, Le Lai Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province (Vietnam)

Date of publication: 21st December, 2018

Cuộc tái sinh của chim phượng hoàng

Newspaper: Nhịp Cầu Đầu Tư – May 2018

LO-ANH projects help needly kids

Newspaper: Expat Corner – January 18, 2018

A story goes its way

Newspaper: PFORZHEIMER ZEITUNG – December 27, 2017

The happiness of these children is a Christmas miracle – only more beautiful

Magazine: Bild Woche – Nr. 52, December 21, 2017

Exciting and moving

Newspaper: HegauKurier – Wednesday November 22, 2017

Little woman with a big legacy

Newspaper: Südkurier – Nr. 264

liveMagazin November / December 2017

Newspaper: liveMagazin – November / December 2017

“Christmas special with the Rotary-Club”

Proceeds for two projects / 160 profits behind the door

Newspaper: Acher-Rench-Zeitung (Mittelbadische Presse) – Monday, 30.10.2017

“Foreign Children with Kochertal Hats”

Yesterday, author and humanitarian Isabelle Müller was a guest at the Untergröninger women’s knitting group Untergröninger women knit hats for preemies, for Christmas markets – and also for children in remote areas of Vietnam, establishing warm connections with the region. Yesterday, they welcomed the woman who ties it all together.

Newspaper: Rems-Zeitung Schwäbisch-Gmünd – Friday June 9, 2017

“Stricken verbindet”

“Stricken verbindet. Und zwar mit dem weit entfernten Vietnam. Eine zugegeben außergewöhnliche Verbindung, doch sie ist ein weiteres Indiz für das besondere Engagement zahlreicher Abtsgmünder Bürger.“

Zeitung: Wir Abtsgmünder – 02.2017